Partly as a result of the merger, the application landscape has become scattered, resulting in data redundancy and functional overlap, as well as point-to-point application integration using a variety of data formats and methods. However, this approach is not very flexible and would almost archisurance case study download have required the costly duplication or replacement of existing infrastructure — in fact it would probably have failed. It usually does not show all the details of a process flow, which is the purpose of business process design languages. Are you sure you want to Yes No. This Case Study is required to be used as an example throughout accredited ArchiMate training courses. In addition, a completely new back-office application suite and new data warehousing solution are introduced.

The Organization viewpoint focuses on the organization of a company, a department, a network of companies, or of another organizational entity. This data is processed to create customer-specific profiles that are input to the calculation of their insurance premiums. All other brands, company, and product names are used for identification purposes only and may be trademarks that are the sole property of their respective owners. There are still three separate back-offices that handle the insurance products of the three original companies. The sequence of these projects depends on which of the Transition Architectures is selected. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. The Application Usage viewpoint describes how applications are used to support one or more business processes, and how they are used by other applications.

TOGAF ArchiSurance case study – Naf by Henk Jonkers – PDF Drive

Also the networks that connect the different devices, and the application artifacts deployed on the devices, are shown in this view. The DSS, therefore, is required to manage multiple service providers. He also participates in multi-party research projects, contributes to training courses, and performs consultancy assignments.

Moreover, by assigning business value to data, an indication of the business criticality of application components can be gained. Even though the concepts presented in this Case Study could be applied to different situations, the example addresses typical concerns corresponding to the insurance and financial sectors. Digital Transformation In addition to the more immediate goals related to post-merger integration, ArchiSurance also sees the rapid pace of technology as both a challenge and an opportunity.

Published on Aug 7, archisurance case study download Application Landscape Application Co-Operation ArchiMate defines an Application Co-operation viewpoint to show an overview of the archisurance case study download landscape and the dependencies between the applications: As part of this effort, the technical infrastructure will also be simplified.

Henk was one of the main developers of ArchiMate archisurance case study download an author of the ArchiMate archisurance case study download. In contrast, business functions describe what the organization actually does; they are explicitly managed, and are more closely aligned to the organization structure. Where archisurance case study download single recommendation is not archisurance case study download, a range of advocated options that conform to the technical architecture may be given instead.

The main business functions that ArchiSurance distinguishes are: Consequently, the IT department has a sizable backlog of work requests. A separate conversion effort will address these activities. The Stakeholder viewpoint allows the analyst to model the stakeholders, their concerns, and the assessments in terms of archisurance case study download, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of these concerns.

He also participates in multi-party research projects, contributes to archisurance case study download courses, and performs consultancy assignments.

Note that not all capabilities are listed, since the business functions in this section are focused on the primary operations of ArchiSurance and not on, for example, its management.

Ultimately, this may result in real-time insurance products where customers receive direct archisurance case study download on the financial consequences of their behavior, and advice on adjusting this behavior to lower their insurance premium.

The ArchiMate standard defines the Application Usage viewpoint: First of all, new capabilities are needed, as identified before. Besides the constraints that the existing Archisurance case study download hardware and software impose, certain business goals and objectives also affect the Target Architecture.

For an overview of the infrastructure landscape, the ArchiMate standard defines the Infrastructure viewpoint: It wants to embark on a digital transformation and has defined a new Digital Customer Intimacy strategy, which employs a combination of Big Data and the Internet of Things IoT. With more than member organizations, The Open Group has a diverse membership that spans all sectors archisurance case study download the IT community — customers, systems and solutions suppliers, tool vendors, integrators, and consultants, as well as academics and researchers — to: A principle must have a supporting rationale and a measure of importance.

The CRM functionality for Legal Expense insurance customers is taken over by the general CRM system; therefore, this does not require new components although it may be necessary to adapt or reconfigure the existing general CRM system, this is not shown in the gap analysis. Show related SlideShares at end. A Project Context diagram shows the scope of a work package to be implemented as part of a broader transformation archisurance case study download.

In the ArchiMate standard, the Baseline, Target, and Transition Architectures, as well as their relationships, are shown using the Migration viewpoint: The main business functions that Archisurance case study download distinguishes are: It shows the structure of the information used in the enterprise or in a specific business process or application, in terms of data types or archisurance case study download class structures.

The Open Group, 44 Montgomery St. ArchiSurance Case Study www.

In the ArchiMate standard, this can be expressed using the Stakeholder viewpoint: The Application Archisurance case study download concept plays a central role in this viewpoint. To support this, ArchiSurance establishes a data acquisition gateway that can connect to all kinds of smart devices that generate relevant data.


This work supports The Open Group vision of Boundaryless Information Flow by illustrating the combined use of the TOGAF and ArchiMate standards for consistent representation of architectural information across diverse organizations, systems, and initiatives.

You can change your ad preferences anytime. In various B2B markets ArchiSurance intends to use data from sources such as fleet management systems, energy networks, in-store RFID1 devices, or smart building sensors. However, this approach is not very flexible and would almost archisurance case study download have required the costly duplication or archisurance case study download of existing infrastructure — in fact it would probably have failed. However, to ensure business continuity, there will also be a back-up server cluster located in the data center at PRO-FIT headquarters.

Archisurance case study download typically aim archisurance case study download reduce the latent gap or lack of understanding between stakeholders and implementors archisurance case study download is caused by the increasing complexity of their respective activities.

ArchiSurance Case Study

In practice, separate views will often be created to show how individual capabilities and resources are realized. Infrastructure Figure 26 shows the main infrastructure components of ArchiSurance, grouped by location and department. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you archisurance case study download relevant ads.

Deploying a Center of Excellence for data integration. However, the TOGAF framework does not prescribe the use of a specific modeling language to create architectural views.

A process architecture shows the most important business processes and their relationships, and possibly the main steps within each of the processes. One Transition Architecture therefore replaces two CRM systems with one, but has separate back-office systems. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. The Case Study concerns the insurance company ArchiSurance, the result of a merger of three previously independent companies based in different metropolitan areas.

Information Systems Architectures Application Since the merger, the three divisions have adopted a common web portal, contact center software suite, and document management system. In addition, he is an author of many scientific and archisurance case study download publications, and an archisurance case study download of the ArchiMate Specification.

Principles, therefore, help realize business goals.

The TOGAF framework also describes viewpoints, techniques, and reference models, as well as a content framework that identifies the types of building blocks that make up an architecture.