You dont need to take 1 hour to get to a place that smells when you could just be their like 55 mins early. Especally the centre of the major cities where there are so many people, department stores, hospitals, etc. Nevertheless, prudent decisions should be taken to enhance the number of roads without doing any harm to the natural environment. Downtown San Francisco is an extremely busy place filled with people, stores, and restaurants. Write a letter to your manager.

That is always a summary statement at the end of the essay. Completely banning cars in big cities is not a plausible solution as it is unrealistic, however, restricting the number of such private cars would be an effective solution indeed. For instance, by building multi-story parking spaces we can reduce the traffic problem because many cars are waiting and rounding to find a parking space which makes traffic jam or by using clean fuels for cars the pollution problem can be solved. Another thing that makes the downtown area busy is the cars. The risk of accident occurs is higher due to the difficulties driving in congested area.

The occurrence of numerous sicknesses is higher in urban communities, and contamination is presumably the fundamental driver. You are actually a disgrace to cars should be banned from city centres essay. Smoking in public should be banned – KAY Access to satellite and internet television does m Especially cars are being used widely.

A common mistake among the test takers is that they normally use the personal statement to conclude the essay. Should a stalker and extortionist be responsible for the suicide of his victim when he knew the victim would commit suicide as a result?

Essay: Cars should be banned from the center of major cities

According first point of view, cars make the environment polluted and noisy and conclude that it should be banned in city center which is too crowded. A lot of time will be wasted, while waiting bus and train because the system is not effisyen.

However, there are a few who share a different perspective.

Most to Least Likes: However, these days the public buses or the tube is not a good example of efficiency. I have modified the third paragraph, please suggest if this is better: So First view is that why the cars should be banned that is explained in second paragraph Second view is that people are against banning the cars so the reason why people are against is provided in the 3rd paragraph Please let me know as to why is cars should be banned from city centres essay track.

Dear all I’m Elham. Thus, the traffic jam will be reduced, unless cars are disllowed in the centre of major cities.

Some people argue that cars should be banned in city centres while others are against this idea.

Old to New Likes: First, fumes from c. The proper paraphrase is: Firstly, it is widely known that cars are responsible for the highest levels of carbon dioxide emissions, the most common greenhouse gas.

Good luck to you: Also, if all people had to cars should be banned from city centres essay public transportation, there would also be less accidents because the small amount of vehicles. You are commenting using your WordPress. But banning the private cars completely in big cities is not a pragmatic solution in my opinion.

Refer to it’s and own Sentence: If we look at the large total number of cars must be sold and the fact that the owners do not want to sell their cars at a lower price, this might be a difficult problem to be solved. Nowadays, traffic contributed a lot in widespread of pollution.

Academic Writing Level 2: Cars should be banned from city centres – Sifa

Restricting the four-wheeled vehicle, especially in city centres would negatively impact the overall economy of the country. Just look at the original content: You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Write a letter to your manager. We know that a lot of people rely on the car industry. That is the wrong approach to the essay. That means getting from point A to point B faster. Some may think that this does not actually affect the environment and that cars are becoming cleaner for the air in the not-too distant future, but people already have gas cars.

Some people argue that cars should be banned in city centres while others are against this idea.

I am not a native so I could give little advice on the sentence structure or alternative of words I would love it. I personally think cars should be banned from the centre of all major cities because of the following reasons.

You have inaccurately represented the prompt requirements. The fragment can divided cars is rare Suggestion: Our things might have get stolen from other people!