Already have an account? And I was a little vindicated when a few days later, another Drafter posted that she was frustrated and sad because not getting into a program this year meant having to go back to her crappy job where no one treated her with any respect. Lisa- Thanks for the info. Between last year and this one, I got 18 rejections in a row before this. I’ve seen people on here accepted but no one has mentioned wait list notifications or rejections and the anxiety of just waiting and waiting is awful. It can all be a bit overwhelming. March 14, at 4:

I know of someone who turned down a poetry offer at UVA recently. There’s one acceptance on the facebook group Still waiting to hear from: That makes 5 rejections, 4 more assumed, and 2 unknowns. March 14, at

Everything looks shiny and beautiful, until you get there and start to see the grease marks right up close. Sign in Already have an account? Fingers are crossed and hopes are high, we’ll creative writing mfa gradcafe where the Lord wants me to go Received e-mail to check portal.

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I also applied to: It was dated March 1, so they must have been sitting on it creative writing mfa gradcafe a while before it went out. Apiary Lit Consulting Agency. Good luck to everyone who hasn’t heard back yet, and good luck to people who already know where they are headed. Just want to let you know I read the message boards.

Beloit Poetry Journal Magazine.

I’m still waiting on I’m sorry, but “we’re full” is not a reason. In the creative writing mfa gradcafe that I was applying to MFA programs, a couple of beta readers were reading an early draft of my novel. Sailing on until next year. Until I hear back from every school on my list, I don’t want to post the results, but here is where I applied in fiction: I just need to know so that this waiting game is over and I can know exactly what school I’ll be attending. But I do seem to recall a lot of people playing the waiting game back then online.

I think my letter will probably be in the mail when I get home. GG Creative writing mfa gradcafe for your kind words and intel. Remember my email address on this computer.

When I emailed to ask about the status of applications, the person who wrote me back was super terse and a bit imperious about not having to notify applicants until April 15th This might be less of an issue in schools that fully fund everyone. Vanderbilt Notre Dame Radio Silence: What Creative writing mfa gradcafe was trying to say is that perhaps it’ll take them until at least after next week to notify people.

How far does your stipend go creative writing mfa gradcafe living wise?

Has anyone been wait listed or rejected by NYU yet? It is my understanding that most graduate English classes require students to read at least one book a week.

For those wondering, I emailed and got this response: Creative writing mfa gradcafe seen people on here accepted but no one has mentioned wait list notifications or rejections and the anxiety of just waiting and waiting is awful.

Replying to Columbia MFA commenter below.

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As ofI’ve been pubbed in print and online in various publications I forget the count, 13 or so. Hoping for a larger program like C Chicago or San Fran to pick me up.

I’m hoping they call meeee! It looks like Ohio State has also begun to notify, and possibly the Syracuse poetry program.

An entire year of my life was dedicated to this freakish awful circus called MFA Applications. Waitlisted at denver and wmu, full offer at another. Creative writing mfa gradcafe trying to weigh other stuff outside of funding and word of mouth.

I assure you at this point no one has been disapproved! And do you want an angry person writing your rec letter? Seems like lots of programs are moving very slowly this season. I will be the first to tell you that getting a writing degree is not easy.

Saskatoon will be a pretty huge change for me, creative writing mfa gradcafe that is part of the appeal, honestly. Just keep that in mind. My own personal story started inwhen I decided I was going to try for an MFA in the first place. But, it’s unheard of- from any records- that the acceptance calls would go out this late. I have a call scheduled with the director of U creative writing mfa gradcafe S later today.