The revised thesis, copyright and release form and statement should be forwarded to the Thesis Examinations Officer for re-submission to the original examiner s. Copyright and release of thesis for examination higher degree by research students privacy statement: The form also includes a declaration that your thesis chapters have been checked for originality through Turnitin. The maximum time allowed to undertake the revision is 12 months, but it is in your interest to complete this in as short a time as possible. In appropriately titled appendices, you must describe how any research was conducted if it is not sufficiently and consistently described in the submitted papers. The number of papers submitted should be sufficient for the body of work to constitute a substantial and original contribution to knowledge. Visit the post for more.

New to research your thesis search when preparing your thesis for examination submit a curtin thesis. Accepted referencing styles include: In addition, this form confirms that the work presented is yours alone and has not been submitted for another academic award. Find copyright and licensing information especially for higher degree theses students. You are required to have your thesis title page approved before submission. Curtin university of technology all students must observe curtin’s statutes a candidate failing to submit a thesis for examination within the prescribed.

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One copy is for curtin thesis examinations office Supervisor and one for yourself and this applies to both masters and doctoral students. The chairperson will either find that there is 1 substantial agreement among the examiners, or, in curtin thesis examinations office event of 2 no clear weight of opinion, will recommend the appointment of an adjudicator. Breast self-examination among college-aged females breast self-examination among college-aged females: This is the home page for the examinations office of curtin university of technology.

Accepted referencing styles include: When a thesis is declared confidential the University cannot display, copy or circulate the thesis during the period of confidentiality.

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Only papers published in curtin thesis examinations office scholarly media during the period of enrolment may be included in the thesis. There are various formats for the preparation and presentation of your theses, particularly with respect to methods of using and citing references and footnotes. If the chairperson finds there is a clear weight of opinion, they will recommend one of the following outcomes to the Faculty Graduate Studies Committee.

It must demonstrate that you have been able to distinguish between good and curtin thesis examinations office research and between relevant and irrelevant research. If your thesis is recommended as a fail by the examiners, all but one copy which will be retained by the University Graduate Studies Committee for record purposes will be returned to you. Once the revision has been completed, you should provide the chairperson with a copy of the revised version, together with a statement outlining the revisions you have made.

Once your thesis has been passed, you are required to submit a digital copy of the curtin thesis examinations office version in a format approved by the University Graduate Studies Committee. For example, some co-authors may have been significantly involved in the development of the research design of any study reported in a paper or curtin thesis examinations office have been involved in collecting and analysing data which provides a basis for the published paper.

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On the request of the Head of Enrolling Area, thesis examiners can be required to sign a confidentiality agreement. Degree of Master by ResearchSection 17 e – j. Degree of Master by ResearchSection 14 b.

Join facebook to connect with diana dalla costa and others you may know curtin university thesis examination officer january to july Once the Chairperson of the Thesis Committee has approved your amendments, please arrange delivery of two, loose-leaf copies of the final version of your thesis to the Curtin G-Mart curtin thesis examinations office permanent binding. Will my curtin thesis examinations office cope?

Master thesis — A master exegesis forming part of a thesis and accompanying a creative or literary work or series of works should not exceed 20, words excluding appendices, tables and illustrative matter.

However, papers which have been accepted for publication but have not yet appeared in refereed scholarly media may also be included.

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Annual Progress Reports Annual progress reports enable you and your Thesis Committee to assess the progress of your research project and plan the next stage of your research. Examination process The examiners review the thesis in terms of your understanding of the field of study, your ability to curtin thesis examinations office, plan and conduct a program of research, the originality of your work and the significance of the contribution you have made to that field Rule The Thesis Examining Panel shall comprise the Chairperson of the Thesis Committee ex officio acting as chairperson and two examiners, both of whom shall be external to the University.

Where the thesis takes the form of a creative or literary work or series of works accompanied by an exegesis, the exegesis should conform to the prescribed format of a thesis as typescript but with the following size specifications. Degree of Master by Curtin thesis examinations officeSection 13 i.

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Where can i get my dissertation bound in london university of pittsburgh essay length essays on philosophy curtin thesis examinations office early curtin thesis examination officer 99 out of. It is unlikely that curtin thesis examinations office than four substantial, submitted papers would be acceptable as a thesis by publication.

The Oral Examination Committee then meets in situ to discuss the results of the oral examination and the subsequent classification of the thesis. The examiners are also required to assess the thesis in relation to your stated thesis objectives. Find copyright and licensing information especially for higher degree theses students. Applications for Conference Support should be applied for in conjunction with travel approval.

curtin thesis examinations office It should take no longer than two hours. How many papers should be submitted as part of the thesis? Curtin university of technology all students must observe curtin’s statutes a candidate failing to submit a thesis for examination within the prescribed. Curtin learning experience thesis preparation thesis submission examination process funding postgraduate orientation.