Ensure you are able to comply with any regulatory and contractual requirements. In addition to this basic difference, there are many other assumptions that a BC planner must quickly look into with regard to pandemic flu BC planning. Organizations without any existing BC or contingency plans will be overwhelmed by the planning complexity. Queensland natural disaster assistance Small Business Recovery Package Small Business Recovery Grants Program Emergency alerts and contacts Preparing your business for natural disasters What your business should do after a natural disaster Rebuilding your business after a natural disaster Pandemic risk management for business What is a pandemic? A working assumption of a severe disruption lasting 12 months would be supportable. Aviva Risk Management Solutions accepts no responsibility for action taken as a result of information contained in this document.

Business impact analysis A business impact analysis assesses how risks identified in your risk management plan might affect business operations. Flood recovery tips for business. Framework for Pandemic Flu Planning Planning for the unthinkable pandemic flu may appear to be a humongous and complex set of tasks. The best case scenario is if the pandemic is relatively benign and handled effectively by national governments. Can any functions be done remotely e. The key disaster scenario should be based on the worst-case situation — occurring at the most vulnerable time; resulting in damages and losses of the most severe magnitude, like total loss of information, physical infrastructure and equipment. The planning assumptions are a pre-requisite for the implementation of the pandemic flu BC plan.

The worst case scenario is the possibility of major financial centers being moderately impacted. Keep Yourself Informed Flu pandemic business continuity plan panic unnecessarily at the first news of an outbreak and keep informed of the threat level Be aware that the media may report speculation in the absence of fact in a fast moving story. Risk management plan Risk management planning for a pandemic involves identifying risks, assessing the impact of risks and developing strategies to manage risks to your business.

Introduction Even though we have experienced three previous pandemic flu outbreaks in the 20th century, no one knows precisely how a pandemic might unfold. Flu pandemic business continuity plan, the assumptions to cope with a pandemic BC planning are very different. In addition to illness, absence may be caused by transport disruptions, school closures and care leave.

Learn more about the planning phases for flu pandemic business continuity plan pandemic the PPRR model. Preventive measures to minimize contamination pandemic flu prevention Immediate responses to a disaster pandemic flu emergency response 7. Reduce; which is to focus on the preventive measures Respond; which is to focus on managing and containing the pandemic flu incident Recover and Resume; which is to conduct limited planning for the outbreak except for some high level documentation process to handle the critical business functions A pandemic flu contingency plan must handle: Health experts believe that the pandemic flu virus is continuously evolving.

Every business needs a business continuity plan. The planning assumptions are a pre-requisite for the implementation of the pandemic flu BC plan. Don’t panic unnecessarily at the first news of an outbreak and keep informed of the threat level. World Health Organization has warned that flu pandemic business continuity plan risk of the avian flu becoming a human influenza pandemic is high. Goh is instrumental in creating the first Wikipedia for BC www.

Flu pandemic business continuity plan – Latest News You are here: Print Page Print Topic. Businesses need to ensure their Business Continuity planning measures are developed to deal with the potential impact of pandemic flu. During an outbreak, one part of the world may be mildly affected; but, their operations may still be impacted if their suppliers are in other countries that are seriously affected by the outbreak.

There are two possible levels of disruptions: Hence, it is imperative for organizations flu pandemic business continuity plan develop and implement a BC plan that is flexible and adaptable to the evolving threat; which can be easily and regularly updated as and when more information on the virus is available, through the joint efforts by the communities and governments.

This may also help to reduce absenteeism as a result on non-illness issues, e.

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Business continuity planning for a pandemic Managing staff during a pandemic Communications for pandemic risk planning Rural disaster recovery. Does your absence and illness policies need to be amended during an influenza outbreak? In this paper, contingency planning is a subset of BC planning. Create and implement a plan to deal with the situation:. It ranges from the possibilities of a small outbreak in any country flu pandemic business continuity plan a global disaster that undermines the basic functions of life.

Rate this entry Was this helpful to you? Several probable outbreak situations, and several more possible variations in responses to them, makes the planning process one of the most complicated challenges facing business continuity professionals. It will help to minimise recovery time and reduce your business losses.

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Your business continuity plan should include the following 4 elements:. Consider the impact of a pandemic – undertake a Business Impact Analysis. AVIVA accepts no responsibility or liability towards any person who may rely upon this document.

There is a constant debate on what to name the plans that we develop for this crisis. The definition of crisis and the crisis management team is provided below: The mapping provides the BC professionals to map their professional BC knowledge and implementation flu pandemic business continuity plan the possible disruption to business scenarios as shown in Figure 3. Back Business Continuity Guidelines Dealing with a Pandemic Flu [Hardfacts] Introduction Flu pandemic business continuity plan today’s connected business and social environment there is increased potential for rapid spread of a new flu virus which could affect your staff, business partners and customers.

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