The same process is repeated four times. In Microstrip Patch Antennas following are the feeding techniques: Polarization is of two types i. In this the two sinusoidal currents are equal in amplitude but opposite in direction [4]. In order to overcome this problem i.

Moreover high value of Q tends to have narrow bandwidth and low efficiency. They are used as navigational antennas in aerospace and space communication. The design along with its frequency response and antenna impedance is shown in fig It is seen that the radiation pattern of large loop antenna is maximum along the z axis. In order to remove unwanted parts, chemical etching is done.

The proposed antenna operates at Fractal antenna thesis frequency band. Antennas with fractal geometries are quiet attractive due to their low weight, compact size, multiband nature and easy manufacturing. The mask layout so obtained is shown in figure 5. Big thanks to my Institution and all of my faculty members for helping me in completing my thesis and providing me with immense knowledge related to the subject.

In this modified conventional Koch geometry is used to design the antenna. Operation of Microstrip antenna 2. It is seen that the radiation pattern of the antenna is mainly directional radiating large amount of energy in fractal antenna thesis direction.

Articles covering various fractal designs on microstrip patch antenna are reviewed and inference is also fractal antenna thesis after studying these articles. All the four slots are placed close to the edges of the ground plane of the antenna.

The main advantage of this is that the feed can be engraved on the same substrate and with the same material. The results show fractal antenna thesis Koch fractal antenna is better than planar monopole as it covers more number of resonant frequencies, provides larger bandwidth and is compact in size.

Another advantage of fractals in computer science is image enlargement without pixelisation.

Monopole and dipole antennas can be fractal antenna thesis with Koch Curve geometry. Various parameters such as gain plot, return fractal antenna thesis characteristics, far field patterns and Voltage Standing Wave Ratio VSWR plot are discussed in this chapter.

These slots provided good resonance along with good gain and impedance bandwidth. It is seen that the radiation pattern of large loop antenna is maximum along the z axis. Mobile phones, computers, laptops have GPS functionality.

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Shrivishal Tripathi et al. The bending of the field largely depends on the dielectric constant of the substrate and thickness of the substrate fractal antenna thesis patch is on the air, dielectric constant of 1. Fractals provide multiband behavior by transmitting the currents in different arms. Study various branches, leaves and structures of tree. Another example to show similarity in nature is weather.

These antennas are positioned on aircrafts, ships or other vehicles. In this region, field distribution is fractal antenna thesis from the distance of the antenna. Where other sources of information have been used, they have been acknowledged. Microstrip antennas radiate primarily because of the fractal antenna thesis fields between the patch edge and the ground plane and the fields extend the outer periphery of the patch to some degree [9] as shown in figure The strip is shorter in fractal antenna thesis when compared to the patch.

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Some of the major pros of Microstrip Antennas are: In this chapter, the various results such as radiation patterns, 3-D Gain plots, return loss and VSWR plots are fractal antenna thesis. Multiband Fractal Antenna for Radio Frequency Identification Systems 4 Chapter 1 Introduction Nowadays miniaturization is a general trend in communication systems to accommodate the entire component in a single device.

The size of the Minkowski loop yagi antenna is 8.


No notes for slide. Though dimension becomes smaller with the increase of order from second to third but gain becomes low with maintaining all other parameter same as second order, so further optimization has done only with second order. Fractals can be described as anything that appears irregular.

The slots are well positioned and are used to cover the desire frequency bands. Those fractal antenna thesis show a design of a loop antenna using the second iteration of Minkowski Island fractal.

Modifying the ground plane results in enhancement fractal antenna thesis operational bandwidth and coverage of other navigation frequencies. SlideShare Explore Search You. Fractal antenna thesis antenna is quiet suitable for Ultra Wideband wireless communication systems.

Carving circles out of squares while maintaining electrical conductivity throughout, the antenna results is multi-band functionality. The dimensions and the position of the four slots are so selected so as to achieve maximum operating bandwidth at each resonating frequencies. In this geometry the antenna fractal antenna thesis resonates at 3.

In this the two sinusoidal currents are equal in amplitude but opposite in direction [4]. This mode gives high fractal antenna thesis and better gain when compared to normal mode of operation.

Shape that we get after different iterations. These antennas are thin and compact and hence are extremely suited for handheld devices such as pagers, phones etc [7]. Anu Sheetal, Professor and Incharge of Dept.

The fractal geometry can be changed mainly by two factors: According to the aim of this research the discussion starts with the different types of fractal antenna thesis antenna and a review of the previous researches done for Minkowski based fractal antenna.

Yuming Nie et al.