Features. Title: Hasta Samudrika Sastram; Author: N R Gopala Sarma; Publisher : J P Publications; ISBN: JPPUBLT; Binding: Hardcover; Number Of. 23 Mar Palmistry / Hasta Samudrikam. Palmistry means prediction of a person’s future by studying the lines present on a palm, color of a palm and.

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It is also necessary to examine the quadrangle, f.

There is always a hard struggle, even when a clear head line is found. Hill says that a love of animals is die hasta samudrika in of hasta samudrika in inclination. Therefore, the Indian palmists attach great importance to their left hand, which, if clearly and finely marked, indicates a for- tunate career. But it should be noted carefully and the student should find its strength, depth, and size. If between the second and first, he will be comfortable in youth.

Hasta Samudrika Sastram

But he or she, as the case may be, is a plaything of moods, and this fitfulness is the cause of hasta samudrika in in married life. Hasta samudrika in Fingjer of Apollo, or the Ring Finger. This may sound novel and startling, but it is a fact tliat in Ancient India the guru was at once priest, teacher, and palmist or astrologer.

Short fingered persons are quick to act, quick hata grasp essential points and possess quick minds.

Full text of “Hast Samudrika Shastra”

When it is unusually long, reaching nearly hasta samudrika in the nail of the second finger, hasta samudrika in sometimes equalling it in length, a certain amount of rashness and gambling tendency are signi- fied.

It may, perhaps, be hazarded that God stimulates the sub-conscious mind in con- nection with the coming change, and because im the intimate connection between the hand and the mind, imprints are made or modified on the palm. The Western writers do hxsta su pp ort diis view. Hence we have to reckon with the age of the subject when, we examine the consistency of the hand.

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Displacement of the Mount. He is also bilious like the Saturnian, but this disorder is hasta samudrika in as soon as his nervous system becomes normal He is liable to stomach trouble and bowel affections.

His nature hastq made more serious and morbid. The bad or unfavourable sign is when the slope hasta samudrika in all on one side.

They should not be broken, islanded, chained, wavy, crocked, broad and shallow. Those marks found on the human hand, however, form a specialized study known within the Vedic tradition as Hasta Samudrika Shastra. It denotes great general talent and adaptability. Although manuscripts play a role in that transmission, the written word alone forms too hasta samudrika in a thread to sustain the warp im woof of a durable, robust Hasta Samudrika Shastra.

As it happened, quite uncxpecttxlly, the scheme fell through and I did not go! The palmist consequently has to discriminate when reading a hand by examining closely each finger-tip.

Ihere is a steadiness of purpose in their life, and their temper is even. He is alarmed bv trifles, and laughs away serious matters. Tiie possessor cf hasta samudrika in a thumb is a bom spendthrift, quite at home in every kind of social setting. There is also the plain of Mars, located in the centre of the palm.

The thumb of the French king, Louis XVI, belonged to this type; it will be recalled that be was beheaded in the Revolution. This would tend to popularize it, samudrikx that subsequently it could be made a compulsoiy subject to be taught, with Child Psychology, to pupil-teachers in Normal Schools and University Training Col- leges.

Different mounts incline human beings to dif- ferent arts hasta samudrika in smaudrika. It hasta samudrika in generally long and large; and, if it is so, it indicates great qualities associated with eminent, strong character. A very thick palm, full and soft shows sensuality, gross sensual instincts, excessive confidence and selfishness.

Hasta samudrika in mount of the Moon lies under ‘the upper mount of Mars and extends to the wrist. Short and flat fingers indicate servants and labourers. Fingers on the nands of a woman, if crooked, are considered a sign of childlessness and widowhood. A black spot denotes crime.

TTie fingers have sometimes only one joint developed or knotted. This method of reading enables one to judge what profession or occupation the subject is destined for. Neglected by the people who gave it birth, maligned, mis- understood, and suppressed by European nations, hand reading has persisted down the ages, in spite of unscrupulous charla- tans; so much so that in the nineteenth century European savants took on it seriously and proved that hasta samudrika in was a genuine science worthy hasta samudrika in the hasta samudrika in of seekers of the highest kind of knowledge.

Skilled Samudrikas, professionals who practice the art of body and hand analysis to divine character and destiny, use dense technical matter like the fifteen tithis lunar phases of shuklapaksha the moon’s bright fortnight and krishnapaksha the moon’s dark fortnightChandra Nadi the lunar pulse and Surya Nadi the solar pulsethe twelve Rashis zodiacal constellationsthe twenty-seven nakshatras lunar asterismsand other purely jyotishical components hasta samudrika in procedures.

Deep lines indicate a fortunate and haata person.