Condition see all Condition. Other Automotive Paint Another convenient, generous armrest between the front seats houses an oddments compartment. The screen shows the frequency of the tuned station or a message if the RDS system is active or indicates whether a tape or CD is being played. Items in search results. When the car is turned on, the electronic unit that manages the electrical system body computer reads the CONNECT safety code and activates the system only if it recognises the exact numerical sequence. Distinctive areas such as parks or lakes and the road route are coloured in.

The cabin is truly rich, and walks the right side of that line in Italian style dividing the perfectly proportioned minimalism from their bling-bling rap-star Versace vulgarity [4]. First Lancia with radar adaptive cruise control by Bosch [5]. The system offers many functions including automatic volume correction as a function of car speed. When the CID battery is flat a problem that is indicated long before it happens by means of a message on the instrument panel display , you can still get into your car using an emergency key in the CID. Let’s take a look in detail.

This is a tight ship [4]. This is lancia thesis accidentata the parking sensor comes in. And the antipanic function is active at all times: Voice recognition The Lancia Thesis’s array of telematic products lancia thesis accidentata enhanced by another innovative item of equipment.

These devices use the luggage compartment as a sound box and feature a higher power output than conventional woofers.

These generate a voltaic discharge in an environment saturated with low-pressure xenon gas. The device is protected against theft.

The Multilink front suspension adapts excellently to the features of Lancia Thesis steering because it allows a wide range of wheel travel while maintaining the tyre contact area on the ground and thus front axle grip. Their chrome-plated appearance is due to vertical scored patterns on the lens and the metallic border of the lens. The motorist is, however, left with the task of activating the alarm and deadlock functions voluntarily by pressing the closure key on the remote control.

This manoeuvre speeds up the car’s engagement with its new trajectory. Now all you have to do lancia thesis accidentata sit behind the wheel and start the engine by simply twisting a knob on the ignition barrel. Both systems are managed electronically by a semiactive damping system that is known as a Skyhook because it allows the car to move as though it were hanging from the sky. These are connected directly to an antiroll bar and a shock absorber to ensure a direct relationship with wheel movement.

Lancia thesis accidentata control rods guide the camber and toe-in movements respectively. The light produced is projected onto the road through a glass lens with a spherical area measuring 70 mm in diameter.

The 5-link Multilink lancia thesis accidentata combines the typical benefits of a double wishbone suspension great control and exceptional precision with damping of road surface effects on the steering wheel due to the steering axis virtual geometry. Customers who buy the TV module also receive a dynamic navigation system and CD-changer. The Lancia heritage – The Aurelia. A mobile panel then distributes the light and differentiates between high and low beams: Bi-Xenon headlamps Excellent visibility at all times, even in the dark, is an important lancia thesis accidentata safety factor.

The benefits over normal halogen headlamps are easy to enumerate: This device supplies heat energy to the power unit coolant to warm up the engine faster during cold starts and also heats the coolant in the system even with the engine off so you can come lancia thesis accidentata to a warm car. Pagination for search results.

This may be considered a type of supervisor that acts as a connection port between the low speed network and the high speed network while governing the work lancia thesis accidentata both.

Such as electrically-controlled handles that allow you to open doors effortlessly at one touch without having to overcome the resistance of a conventional mechanical opening system. The sound also wraps around all the occupants and gives them the sensation that it is travelling through a much larger environment, because the sound system and the passenger compartment have been designed together to ensure perfect harmony between the technical specifications of both.

They then established the best possible speaker position in relation to the listeners with the aid of lancia thesis accidentata design software. Once the relevant area has been loaded into the memory, you can continue to listen to music by replacing the map CD with the music CD.

On Emblema versions this feature is an option on other versions the system can be used to adjust all front seat settings electrically: You can naturally always deviate from the pre-set route.

The device frees drivers from the strain of continually adapting the speed of their lancia thesis accidentata car to the changing speed of lancia thesis accidentata car in front. The Contact Centre provides users with an on-line service package tailored to individual requirements: The device can also be activated by a radio remote control unit.

On the one hand, lancia thesis accidentata avoids dazzling the drivers of oncoming cars. When the CID lancia thesis accidentata is flat a problem that is indicated long before it happens by means of a message on the instrument panel displayyou can still get into your car using an emergency key in the CID.

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The system does not merely release the rear lancia thesis accidentata but also allows all the locks to be reclosed by means of the lancia thesis accidentata handle. Fiat Auto decided that only the best was good enough for each specific service offered by Targasys and therefore entered into agreements with leading companies in each sector.

The eight ultrasound transducers act as smart pulse transmitters and receivers. Over the years, this philosophy has brought into being the numerous initiatives offered by Targasys: This state-of-the-art device has been created using an innovative technology that guarantees maximum reliability and quality. To achieve this result, we worked long and hard on the cutting edge suspension fitted to the Lancia thesis accidentata Thesis.

It was available with naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines ranging between 2. Current Affairs, Business, Sport and Entertainment.

CONNECT Throughout the course of more than one hundred years of history, the car has continually evolved to become more comfortable, more clean and a more effective performer. With ‘Drive Me’, customers can ask the Contact Centre for their destination simply by giving the name of a person or company: This solution ensures lancia thesis accidentata lateral hold, fast approaches to bends and a very effective, precise steering response.

Used Lancia Thesis cars Italy

If you get out of the car and try to lock the door when the CID has been accidentally left lancia thesis accidentata, the system does not comply with the instruction because it detects the lancia thesis accidentata of a Customer Identification Device in the passenger compartment. The production car premiered at the Geneva Motor Show in March and its interior was displayed for first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The padding and shape make both armchairs look as though they would be more in place in your lounge at home.

In the case of the Lancia Thesis, doubling up the upper and lower arm makes it possible for the strut to rotate about a virtual axis. The extraordinary potential of this new system will soon be able to help companies as well. An integrated signal processor automatically adjusts bass tones so that they are always perfect at any volume. To do this, a microwave radar located in the lancia thesis accidentata of the car records the presence of cars in front by means of a distance assessment sensor.

CAR’s verdict was that “If Lancia can be turned around this is the car for the job [4]. This allows yawing to be predicted so that ride control can cut in.