Jackson a partial bath. The problem that the client identifies as the first priori…. Jackson is admitted to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit. B 10 drops per minute. Jackson expresses fear that she might accidentally overdose herself, since she will be sleepy after surgery.

Not an independent risk factor but is a risk factor for CHF. B Empty the drain and measure the amount. CAGE assessment first question. Explain you perceptions of t…. A No problems with dressing on left hip. Jackson is she has received sufficient information to sign the consent form. A Position the client on her side.

A Place the unit of blood in the medication refrigerator until the client’s personal care is completed. B Offer reassurance about the surgery. When did you last have something to drink? C Review the client’s serum electrolyte values. Jackson during the admission interview?

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I like to take care of myself. Transfusion of blood is a higher priority than personal care. D Use sterile technique to replace the dressing. The Three Perioperative Phases. Confirm that the left hip is the site of the scheduled surgery. Which serum lab value requires follow-up by the nurse?

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D Inform a family member of the need to serve as a witness to the client’s signature. E Mark the amount of drainage on the dressing. What action should nurse implement first? A “Have you had anything to eat or drink since midnight?

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A “We do not need to talk about pain control today if it makes you sad. With our help, your homework will never be the same! The nurse must ensure that the client is protected from injury secondary to inappropriate positioning. Perioperative care hesi case study quizlet Demonstrate the deep breathing and coughing technique again.

The drainage begins to decrease, and Ms. While obtaining supplies, the nurse reviews the sterile procedure to be followed. Jackson is discharged from the PACU to the acute care unit two hours later.

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Perioperative care hesi case study quizlet Type and cross match. While cleansing the incision, the nurse observes that the staples are intact, but a 2-cm gap opened at the bottom of the incision. Wound healing via secondary intention. Which behavior that Wrenda exhibits sup…. D Wound healing via secondary intention. D “Those are now called pressure ulcers because they are caused by pressure. Jackson’s hemoglobin and hematocrit remain stable. The drainage begins to decrease and Ms.

Book covers, title and author names appear for reference only. The intial nursing assessment reveals pt is not responding to verbal stimuli. Which action should the nurse take f…. Pt is transferred to stretcher and taken to the operating room.

What is the rationale for the inclusion of these actions in pt plan of care? Hypoactive bowel sounds are an expected finding following general anesthesia, so the nurse should document this finding in the chart and continue to monitor the client.

In response to these remarks, the nurse plans care for Ms. The RN auscultates her bowel sounds and…. Jackson is transferred to a stretcher and taken to the operating room OR. Maintaining bedrest for 24 to perioperative care hesi case study quizlet hours….

This blood pressure is elevated and requires further action by the nurse. How should the nurse respond?

Jackson is admitted to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit. The nurse reviews the medications taken by Ms.