Why should there be any reservation at all! The same is not there in government sector. But if street light is gone off and we call 10 times to govt than they will be doing at 11th complaint. Like if we go for driving license the procedure for the same is so complicated and cumbersome that even educated people don’t want to go through this procedure. Related Questions How does cashless society lead to less or nil corruption?

We all have seen that how the bus government roadways’ bus drivers and conductors behave, work and carelessly perform their duties, We’ve seen that how to get claim in a government insurance company is a hard job to do, We’ve seen that how the government high schools make fun of education system, We’ve seen that how even in case of emergency a wounded person dies in a civil hospital in absence of doctors and many more examples are there which show that how honesty towards job is vanishing in government sector. Why should there be any reservation at all! Privatization is not good for India, because in the private education system only few people will get benefit, specially only the upper income people only will be benefited in private education system. Commented by Priya Saxena Guide-Level 11 6 years ago. Then how we can get rid out of this so called corruption?

Corruption in business organization has its own looks. Govt employee has high-level job security. According to me, privatization will lead to less corruption because.

Privatization will lead to Less Corruption – Group Discussion

Microbiology Biochemistry Biotechnology Biochemical Engineering. For example, years ago, in Greece, there was a single telephone provider OTE. You can also request things like research papers or dissertations. According to me, privatization will drastically reduce the corruption in India.

I know that sounds like an odd thing to say, but hear me out. Privatization surely make the change in the corruption system.

Sometimes Government and private sector both are responsible for corruption ex. Because they impose fees for every body in a huge level.

There is no reason to bribe anyone if you can simply find the same service somewhere else. Privatization will help in removing corruption but at the same time it is not suited for every sector.

Privatization will lead to less corruption

For example, if privatization is done by selling off national properties and industries to a small number of well-connected individuals who then use their wealth to win elections and write laws which protect privatization will lead to less corruption essay subsidize their business interests, then no, there is no reduction in corruption. View More Motive to start this discussion is clear, i.

Privatization does only make our works efficient and faster but not actually eliminate our global corruption. As in recent many private firms are found alleged in corruption. I think there are two types of effort are require to remove the corruption in India. Private sector industries works on the standards and policies.

Money, relations and privatization will lead to less corruption essay weaknesses. Hello friends, I think privatization will lead to lesser corruption, though it will not abolish it completely. Get authentic answers from experts, students and alumni that you won’t find anywhere else Sign Up on Shiksha On Shiksha, get access to 14k Colleges Exams k Reviews k Answers.

In private sector everyone performance is monitored, if electricity, road construction project is given to the private sector there is no doubt that project will be completed with in a short span of time. But it privatization will lead to less corruption essay not work in every field because there is a vast difference between government and private firm. So these employees will not look for the alternatives to earn money. People working in both sectors are human and can go corrupt.

You must Sign In to post a response. For People out of fear of being noticed very fast may be less corrupt. Privatization will lead to less corruption. Full Name Comment goes here. Nor we can say public sector is not responsible because 2G scam is there in which public sector is involved.

You can change your ad preferences anytime. It problem of a very large scale to not easily finish so privatization is only solution to change the less time and people, and also target to corruption, it is a not a solution of this problem so change the system and change the people.

In this way, corruption is caused in private institutes. They are guided by politicians who are not the employees of the organization. There can still be a slight chance of corruption in Privatization but if the right laws are enforced then we can over come corruption.

So as per me people mind set privatization will lead to less corruption essay responsible for corruption. Privatisation is not a solution to Corruption. I think, yes, privatization leads to less corruption. Corruption is there because common people are paying them and making more powerful by encouraging them.

Making Privatization will lead to less corruption essay is good concept as it will provide better facility and services for people. Well if we talk about private companies, then I want to claim Jindal Steel which is a private company and was involved in many scams like coal scam.

Privatization can only improve the quality of service. By privatization we may have a control on expenses but by this only the services to a common man will get in high rates.

Privatization will lead to less corruption

Rules should me made like maximum property a person can have. And people working in private organizations fear from firing and they always work hard. Pooja Kohli Guide-Level