Finishing gives a fabric the desired appearance and feel. The improved cottage-type basins have been introduced recently into India. This has consequently led to much greater yield and productivity. K kg per hectare after weeks when plants sprout well and the root system is established. This goes on for 5 moultings. These 3 states mainly contribute to the production of tasar silk in the country. Feeding is an important task that requires more attention to be taken while rearing silkworms for the silk production.

The Advantages of Silkworm Farming are more than overwhelming. Raw Silk Production in India Some of the modern weaving machines are large enough to weave fabrics 3 metres wide. Business Directory Add Your Company. Later, it was introduced into Europe and Japan as well. Disease Prevention Ticks, Wounds, Vaccination.

Manure and fertiliser should be added to the mulberry crop at sericulture business plan twice a year. The technology of sericulture and silk production is well-known. The new technology of handling silkworms in the country has shown that bivoltine silkworms, producing the international quality of silk, can be produced throughout sericulture business plan year in the Karnataka state in India. Silk Markets in Kenya All silk produced in Kenya is consumed locally, and there is a bigger export market.

Trenches of 35 sericulture business plan x 35 cm are also convenient to take up plantation in mulberry cultivation. Fertilizer is applied The entire practice, from soil to silk, can be broadly classified into four interdependent agro-industrial activities: However, brick red cocoons have also been observed.

This silk was originally imported. In mulberry cultivation, saplings of about days old can be used for planting.

All you need to do is to read the information that we have given below on the Cultivation of Silkworms. Check here Also More articles: Unknown 8 Sericulture business plan at There you will get proper information on which variety you can select in your locality.