Start new discussion Closed. Original post by RollerBall I’m with this guy. Follow 5 The best thing to do is to just work hard in other modules to salvage the average despite his unfair mark, I still got a First for second year Sorry, this is only coursework related, but I should think exams follow a similar sort of trend. Accounting and finance study help Replies: Follow 3 Also remember that essay based subjects are subjective, and a lecturer can quite easily justify an icky mark by pulling a list of requirements that you failed to meet out of their backside.

But I also have a few questions about results day remarking of papers. London School of Economics Replies: It depends on a few factors, I guess, such as what exam type, what subject and when you send it off. Follow 6 The private candidate must sign the form.

Can I get into a Russel group uni with my gcse results Constant uea coursework remark rejections, what can I do? Appeal forms can be found on the student forms page of the portal, together with UEA’s guidance on how to complete the form.

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uea coursework remark This is not even funny man. I have heard of coursework remarks, but you have to really, really fight for them, and potentially irritate the lecturer- if you may ever be taught by them again, don’t take the chance as they may possibly mark your card for the future.

Our tool will help you find the perfect course. It’ll be very hard to get any lecturer to remark a piece of work, its uea coursework remark like A level where you can just pay and its done. Open day Sat, 19 May ‘ If you want to see your script in order to decide whether or not to uea coursework remark a remark then you need to order a photocopy of your script, it’s important you don’t ask for the original if you may want to have a remark.

If I ask for a standard not priority remark, how long should it take to uea coursework remark back? We have a brilliant team of more than 60 Support Team members looking after discussions on The Student Room, helping to make it a fun, safe and useful place to hang out. Follow 6 How can I gain access to my scripts? I didn’t really want to wage war against the man, and annoy all the Part 2 coordinators in the department. A level remark information.

Following a remark, your mark may stay the same, go up, uea coursework remark be reduced.

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Kenan and Kel Forum: Is this type of thing possible at uni? Log an IT Enquiry. While you are a student at UEA, you may be called for jury service. If you’re only in first year I wouldn’t worry about it though. Senate Scales – Coursework.

Contact the Finance department. Follow 5 If you have long term or serious health problems either physical or mentalthis may also have an impact on your fitness to practise and trigger the process. In the case of nursing and midwifery, this is the NMC. Remark information and questions watch. What do I do next? You only get your money back if the grade changes, rather than the mark. Revision help and tips hub. Retake and Remark information! Tell us a little about yourself to get started.

Follow 1 If you aren’t satisfied following an EAR then you can appeal further, exam boards have two stages of appeals, stage 1 and stage 2. Original post by Craghyrax Uea coursework remark its been quite awhile since you’ve posted this, and with no replies. Follow 12 This forum is supported by: Sainsbury Centre uea coursework remark Visual Arts.

Get Started Today’s posts Unanswered posts. You get these gems as you gain rep from other members uea coursework remark making good contributions and giving helpful advice. I wanted a piece of coursework remarked because it was marked down for my lecturer disliking a word I used, which he admitted was still uea coursework remark he just didn’t like uea coursework remark and one sentence that he said wasn’t ‘elegant’. If you don’t uea coursework remark it for your offer and it’s just a bonus I honestly wouldn’t bother.

If you think that the mark has been incorrectly recorded on e: Internal Moderation makes sure that markers apply marking criteria consistently.

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If my percentage goes down after a remark, do they replace the old mark with the new oneor do they just take my previous better score? I’m a private candidate, what do I do? Lit or Uea coursework remark, maybe; Maths, no. If you uea coursework remark discussed the point by email, you can use copies of the emails to prove this. Start new discussion Reply.

I got an exam result back that I think is under what it should be. You will need to speak to somebody there for more information. However, because it was only a first year exam, I see no point in fussing. I fancy my boyfriends best friend.

Resources by subject Everything from mind maps to class notes. Centres are therefore requested uea coursework remark co-operate with the awarding body in order to facilitate the appeal process.