Electricity imports from the EU are forecast to double by , as the NordBalt power connection with Sweden and the LitPol interconnector with Poland enter into operation. A policy objective is to minimise energy dependence on Russia. This was also the case with the latest ABRW reactors. The fact that the project will be largely financed through bank loans may mean that the price will not be as low as Vilnius has been suggesting, and could reach 0. While discussions proceed regarding Visaginas, Russia started to build the MWe Baltic nuclear power plant in Kaliningrad. Successfully sent Thank you. Retrieved 22 August

Above this, cooling towers would be necessary. Loans would be covered by state guarantees. Nagevicius said that the pages business plan does not speak about the amount of electricity the new nuclear reactor would produce in a year. Issues Social impact During the construction of the Ignalina nuclear power plant, mainly Russian people were moved to the area and the town of Visaginas was built to house them. The first was expected to operate from In addition, Visaginas would also play a key role in the planned Energy Exchange between the Baltic states and Scandinavia.

Visaginas nuclear power plant business plan

After closure of the bids, Lithuania narrowed down the choice to five potential partners and is expected to make a choice before summer. Also Russia was informed of the EIA, but did not react.

Putin for the fourth time. Until the closure of Ignalina, most of the people visaginas nuclear power plant business plan Visaginas were working for the power station. Without Visaginas, both Lithuania and its two Baltic neighbours to the north would remain largely dependent on Russia for electricity. The EBRD placed conditions on the grant, which evolved to include closing both units, at least by the time their pressure tubes needed replacing after some years.

Media Images Visaginas nuclear power station, Lithuania. However, thanks to the financial crisis, the involvement of the other three countries is in doubt. In the EIA, the following designs are taken into consideration: Loans would be covered by state guarantees. Under the plan, all power visaginas nuclear power plant business plan currently operating in Lithuania would be modernised to meet the required technical parameters.

In the first half ofthe Lithuanian Electricity Organization LEO LTa national energy holding company, was established by the Lithuanian government to raise funds for the new nuclear plant.

Kaliningrad gets much of its electricity from Russia, via Belarus and the Lithuanian grid. Latvia, meanwhile, is predominantly interested in receiving guarantees that the energy generated at Visaginas will be competitively priced since it is going to be sold at a local energy exchange.

The EIA report considered a plant of at least two units of total capacity up to MWe, using one of the 11 reactor designs under consideration h.

Consequently, the financial performance of the companies will determine whether visaginas nuclear power plant business plan Visaginas project can be completed under the selected funding model. However, it would also serve as an important link between visaginas nuclear power plant business plan energy systems of other Baltic states. The business plan had been made a public document before giving it to the MPs who are to decide if Lithuania makes a commitment of assuming a new financial and radioactive burden.

Stay up to date Sign up now for all BankTrack’s news as it happens in one monthly digest. Energy and economy experts have estimated that the new reactor will bring Lithuania a loss of at least LTL 1.

Although the European Commission has approved the Lithuanian project, it has stressed that Vilnius would not receive any financial support for the Visaginas plant as the EU does not, on principle, finance commercial projects. Nuclear power stations in Lithuania Proposed nuclear power stations Proposed power stations in Lithuania Power stations in Visaginas Buildings and structures in Utena County.

Also, as long visaginas nuclear power plant business plan the Visaginas project remains under development, investments in the region are on hold.

It is close to the new used fuel storage facility and the solid radioactive waste treatment and storage facility. The plant is beside a large lake, Lake Drukshyai, which was used for cooling. The visaginas nuclear power plant business plan nuclear fuel from unit 2 was evidently unloaded by April A further design, the APR, is reportedly under consideration.

In first instance this appeal was rejected, but the NGO coalition appealed. Country Nuclear Power Profiles: If the Seimas parliament endorses the documents, Lithuania and Hitachi expect to sign a concession agreement by 28 June at the latest. The construction of a common energy market across the European Union will involve the synchronisation of energy systems in each of the EU member states.

These parties could therefore become the core of the post-election ruling coalition. Visaginas nuclear power plant business plan was put forward as an attractive investment proposition, with favourable environment, infrastructure in place, support from the EU Commission, and competition from Kaliningrad the only downside. As stated in a report by the Economist ” The Social Democrats had forced the referendum in order to make Visaginas an election issue, and they formed a government with Labor and two smaller parties they had led a minority government The significant cost of the project is visaginas nuclear power plant business plan linked to the two-year planning stage, which is expected to cost over million euros — of which million euros is to be covered by the Lithuanian state.

The Nord Stream project majority-owned by Russia’s Gazprom to build a natural gas offshore pipeline from Russia directly to Germany — bypassing the Baltic states and Poland — could put Russia in a position where it is able to limit supplies to some of its neighbours without affecting supplies to Western Europe.

Under the concession agreement, any of the shareholders, including the Lithuanian state, will have the right to withdraw from the project, and the project will nonetheless be allowed to go ahead as planned.

Visaginas Nuclear Power Plant – still high-risk investment

Nagevicius said that the pages business plan does not speak about the amount of electricity the new nuclear reactor would produce in a year. See later section on decommissioning. Poland also discontinued talks with InterRao regarding buying power from the Baltic plant. In Januaryfollowing a number of disputes over prices and debts relating to natural gas supplies to Ukraine, Russia cut off gas supplies to Ukraine.

The design stage is to be completed by a joint venture established by two shareholders: Any other visaginas nuclear power plant business plan of content requires the hyperlink to www.

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Office of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. If the concession agreement was terminated during the visaginas nuclear power plant business plan stage, Lithuania would have to reimburse almost million litas EUR Abandoning the Visaginas project and scrapping plans for the synchronisation of the Baltic energy systems with the rest of the European Union, but pressing ahead with the construction of electricity transmission lines into Europe co-financed by the EU would create convenient routes for the transmission of Russian and Belarusian electricity into EU markets.

The Visaginas nuclear power plant NPP concession agreement and a leading business plan of the project have been presented to the members of the Seimas. The Visaginas nuclear power plant business plan states and Belarus have good interconnection of grids from the Soviet era, but this did not extend to Poland, let alone to Germany.