Get daily job alert, placement paper and GK updates every day on your email. So my simple request to central government is to give a proper solution to made that water resource as a nationalized one. Because some state may need water and some may not need depending upon the geographical location,requirement,agriculture,etc. Then all dams, ponds, wells can be effectively managed by govt to distribute water to all citizens of equal cost. Advertising is a waste of resources Privatization will lead to less corruption Should gambling be legalized?

Then all dams, ponds, wells can be effectively managed by govt to distribute water to all citizens of equal cost. Water Resources should be Nationalized. As different water resources cater different kinds of needs, it is to be clearly understood what type of resources are to be nationalised. In view of such a need, it may not be out of question to consider whether this precious resource can be nationalised. The government on its part has set up a task force under former power minister, Suresh Prabhu to build national consensus, work out detailed plans and to see that the entire work is completed by the year Still now we don’t get any solution for that moreover farmers are affecting by this problem. If the water resource is equally distributed it would help many villages where there is scarcity of water.

Nationalizing water resources is not something that can be done overnight. Most of the times, the urban areas get water while the rural areas are taken for granted. Because it takes a lot of special attention from the center to manage such resources. Is it would be the cause of drought of the state in which it follows? If government takes water resources should be nationalised essay responsibilities then all the land comes under cultivation and it will increases the productivity of the land and there by decrease the importing of goods from other countries and increase the water resources should be nationalised essay quality and quantity of the goods exported to the other countries by which it will increase the Indian economy.

We can’t survive without water. Water should be nationalized in my view as there is so much scarcity of water worldwide nowadays and water is an essential element in day to day life. Hi friends, according to me water resources must be nationalized, as it can be felt and also said by many friends that some states are abundant in water resources while some are scarce in water resources. To the North of the Vindhyas, the Malwa Plateau and the Chhotanagpur Plateau of Jharkhand are comparatively better placed as they are drained by steady Ganga and Yamuna.

I think water resources should not be nationalized. It may not be possible to connect from north to south, but a separate body can look after the water water resources should be nationalised essay in their own state and all possible measures can be taken water resources should be nationalised essay connect the nearby states which is having high flow in water resources.

I accepts all the saying and ideas. This step should be taken keeping in mind the future requirements along with maintaining balance in the use of resources all over the country. Daughters are more caring than sons Daughters are more caring than sons – Very few Indians at least will agree to this statement. Most of the times inter-state disputes arise.

This interlinking of rivers will provide food security to the country. If this is done. But, equal distribution of watersustainable utilization water and conservation of water source are the steps ahead which can solve the problem of water scarce.


Like every other govt sector. And I think as it is a matter of whole India the govt might plan in such a way water resources should be nationalised essay. The nationalization of water can be done if the government is very strict with their policies and rules through out nationalization would end as a water resources should be nationalised essay. Hi Friends, I would like to suggest my views on this topic.

If we are going to nationalized our water resources then we are taking a step forward in order to eradicating water resources should be nationalised essay problem among. From my point of view water resources should be nationalised so that the power of usage of water lies in the hands of the central government and if that govt is strong can reduce the quarells between the states and can distribute them according to the need water resources should be nationalised essay the states and it can have the right to supply that in an efficient way to all the states without nationalisation it is like giving sweets to children and telling them to distribute among themselves, so it should be nationalised, like railway budjet, finance budjet there should be water budjet in which the drought areas should be recognised through expert comittees and should be distributed.

So all rivers and reservoirs established in our country should go under one command.

The project Inter basin water resources should be nationalised essay aims to deliver billion cubic meter of water through a 12, km maze of canals which would irrigate 34 million hectares of land and would supply drinking water to districts and five metro cities. It is, therefore, not at all difficult to understand the importance of availability vis- a-vis the scarcity of freshwater in the present global scenario.

We are the people choosing our government and politicians and we have to educate our people those who are unaware of it. River kaveri is like any mother is treating her children equal with its flow but its her children who are not treating each other equal and right. The underground water there is so contaminated that, they get coloured water everywhere they put a bore.

So in all fairness a detailed and well-thought out plan regarding procurement and use of water resources is the need of the hour. Water resources should be nationalised essay my point of view they can be reduced by aligning one department separately and that department must be given superior powers. Surface water [edit] Main article: In many cities so many natural lakes and ponds are occupied by the local builders for illegal constructions this must be stopped immediately and should be punished strongly who ever the person might be.

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Water resources should be nationalized

Nation National Resource Resources Sources. Snow-fed rivers like Ganga, Indus and Brahmaputra, which originate in the Himalayas, and their tributaries are perennial. Actually what i feel if some knowledge is given to the rural as well as urban areas water resources should be nationalised essay about the future effect of the scarcity of water through campaign or many other media.

The basic need of any species is water. We have to to look after this type of problems before going to nationalized the water resources. In my point of view water should be nationalized because, we know that water is ultimate source of our life as well as with out water we can not live at all. To avoid such kind of problems nationalisation is must.

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My view is that, the water resources needs to be nationalized, except a few state, everyone here are facing a water scarcity problems, if we nationalize the resources, as India n agricultural country could be improved further.

We are already having enough agitations on the division of states then division water would be disastrous, every other territory will demand more water resources should be nationalised essay more. Should euthanasia be legalized?